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From Humble Beginnings...

Kaitlyn grew up in a small village in the smallest Canadian province, Prince Edward Island. She spent most of her youth being chronically bored and sleeping an average of 10 hours a day. At the ripe old age of 17, she left her small home for a slightly bigger home, Newfoundland, where her thirst for adventure was awakened. She bought her first car, got robbed, was threatened, met celebrities, and perfected her drinking technique. After 7 years of living on The Rock, she was ready for something else. After a brief stint of living in Toronto, she packed up her life (which at this point was two suitcases and a backpack) and moved to South Korea.

South Korea and Kaitlyn went together like spicy mayo and sweet potato fries; it was a match made in heaven. Kaitlyn became a drinker with a hiking problem, and couldn't have been happier for it. From South Korea she traveled to Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan either solo or with friends. It was in South Korea where she met Sam and Sarah and hatched the hair-brained plan to participate in the Mongol Rally together.

Kaitlyn is currently finishing up her final year of teaching and is preparing for her future adventures. She doesn't know exactly where she'll end up in the future, but she does know that it will be somewhere with good food, good drinks, good people, and lots of opportunities to adventure and have fun!

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