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Get Ovary It, A (Her)story

Sam, Kaitlyn, and Sarah met way back when the Earth was still cooling in a small, yet luscious, country called South Korea. They met completely by accident while climbing some mountain or other and were likely very drunk. Good thing too, otherwise their deep friendship might never have blossomed.

Again, while drunk, the three friends recklessly decided to try out the Mongol Rally, the most adventurist and idiotic car rally on the planet. Being pretty big idiots themselves, they felt that it was quite right they should participate.

Fast forward to the present, the team has been busy making preparations. The registration fee was paid,

Facebook and Instagram pages were created, and a dedicated email address was incorporated. The three friends, now living apart in Indonesia (Sam), China (Sarah), and South Korea (Kaitlyn), got on Skype and tried to hash out the rest of their plans. Little was accomplished, as two of the members were drinking, but everyone went to bed with some inkling of the enormity of the task before them; the route must be planned, visas purchased, people need to be contacted, letters have to be written, loved ones should be notified, wills completed, someone should learn how to fix cars...

This Mongol Rally business is definitely the biggest organizational challenge any of the friends have faced. Please pray to whatever gods you hold to to be merciful.

Follow the girls' journey throughout this insane project. Laugh with them, cry with them, start a betting pool on who will be the first to suffer a mental breakdown... and enjoy the ride.

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