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'Get ovary it'Team shirts are here!

Good news everyone! We're happy to say that team 'Get Ovary It' T-shirts are ready to order! $40 (or roughly 15-18 cheese sandwiches) will get you one of these bad boys. Be a trend setter among your friends, alarm your parents, make your misogynist co-workers uncomfortable in the office! The uses and effects of this shirt are endless! Choose from one of 3 amazing colours:

Black! (like your soul)

Pink! (such fashion, much wow)

White! (start a pool on how long it will take to stain it)

After donating, we'll contact you to get your size and desired colour. Please be aware that these shirts are being made in Korea, so refer to these handy sizing charts when deciding on your size.

Get your shirt today and we'll also send you a personalized letter and team Get Ovary it stickers! Stick em anywhere or horde them in a drawer in your house to be discovered at some unknown future date. Be creative!

Get your shirt here today!

Thanks for your support,

-Get Ovary It

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