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It's here!

After much trepidation, and some procrastination (my bad!), team Get Ovary It are happy to announce that we are now accepting donations! With the fires in the Amazon, current western political climate, and climate change causing crazy weather, it's more important now than ever to support organizations that are working to save the Earth and its people.

Your donations will be given to two great charities: Center for Reproductive Rights and Cool Earth. As per the official Mongol Rally rules, our team must raise a minimum of $1200USD to compete. We thought, "Why stop there? Let's crank it to 11!" Therefore, we aim to raise a whopping $8000USD to help fund our participation in the rally, and to donate as much as possible to our chosen charities. But this ain't your softball team's bottle drive, or your bowling team's chocolate bar sale, oh no, this is the Mongol Rally! So, we will be raising money in strange and entertaining ways. Your donation could buy you a terrible, poorly made, music video of the song of your choice, a filmed marriage proposal to a stranger, or you could even pick a tattoo for one of our members to get permanently added to their bodies. Forever.

In a few months we will also launch some fund-raising campaigns with great goodies up for grabs. Keep following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and through the website for updates and information.

To see the complete list of strange torture methods, and to donate, visit our 'Sponsors' page on our website. You can make a donation through Paypal or with a credit card, and In a few months we will set up a GoFund me page if you prefer to donate that way.

We appreciate all your support, so from the cockles of our hearts,

Thank You!

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